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REVO 8KW Hybrid inverter

REVO inverter and battery systems have been designed and tested for South African conditions, they offer a 5KW and 8KW hybrid inverter as well as a 5KW wall mounted lithium battery solution with full inverter integration, colour touch screen control and 10 year warranty.

The products come with excellent local support, training and backup as well as the REVO smart App for Android and IOS.

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Single-phase ESS

Hybrid inverter

98% 4MPP GEN

UL 1741:2021, IEEE 1547.1, UL1699B, South Africa NRS097-2-1

Friendly & flexible

• Support multi-machine parallel connection single and 3 phase;

• Friendly color touchscreen LED display;

Economical & efficient

• Support parallel connection single and 3 phase including

current sharing control;

• 4 Individual MPPT inputs and up to 12Kw Max PV per unit,

• Support the diesel generator and the grid access at the same time;

Safe & reliable

• App and cloud interface for remote monitoring inc remote control;

• Generator input and Auxiliary load (customizable by Soc);

• Grid Tied and Off grid operation, capable of grid exports;

• AC Coupling capabilities;

• Reactive power and Power factor control

• Integrated Wiring box for easy of installation;

• Direct BMS CAN integration with most leading battery brands;

• Energy Time of use programming;

• IP65/NEMA3 for ease of installation;

• Remote Software upgrading;

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